Pictures of various axolotls

Pictures of axolotls

Pictures of axolotls

Friday, March 18, 2011

At Least Put A Blanket Over The Tank For Privacy For God Sake.

Breeding. Thats right, Breeding.
My little fellas ain't up to it yet, but that doesn't mean i can't touch on it and give you guys some info. So, hopefully the title makes sense now.

The "Bonding"
Takes axolotls around 6 months - 1 year to become sexually mature (remember this is still all in the juvenile stage of life).
Axolotls, like birds, will form a bond with each other and begin the mating process. (Note: Its not a good idea to breed axolotls until they reach their full size)
The "Mating"
Basic:The male axolotl will "Swim around the tank" for a while, and make gestures at the female, such as pushing up is tail and tapping on the females vent. The male will then leave Packs around the tank and try to lead the female over them, the female will then pick one of them up (With her cloaca), and be pregnant.

The "Laying of the eggs"

The impregnation usually happens between 2-4 hours. The female will then begin laying eggs somewhere the female finds appropriate. i.e. on plants or soft gravel. The female will leave between 100- or 1000 eggs in just 1 session. After the eggs are fertilized, its best to take both axolotls out of the tank. 

The "Hatching"

The eggs "if all has gone well" should hatch in 2-3 weeks, or about 17 days. The eggs have shown to have better hatching results if placed near plants as the water circulation has a better effect to them. Dont expect all 1000 eggs to hatch though! And Remember:
Axolotls are cannibalistic in nature and go through a "Cannible" phase for the first 6 months of their life.

No! No No, i promised myself this wouldn't do this.  I've wanted an Axolotl for ages and swore i'd take care of it. Recently because of all the stuff in life thats been happening, Im starting to get lazy. The usual 20 degrees celcius temp i like to remain went up to 26 degrees the other day! Poor fish were boiling in there! I've been lazy with the Ice bottles and keeping the tank both clean and cold.
The Super worms (That i mentioned earlier) Are still alive and moving, Except that they don't seem so eager for them anymore. You got to give variety to the axolotls so il vary them on blood worms and ...wait for it.. OX KIDNEY. Yeah i managed to get my hands on a frozen ox kidney and theres enough to feed them for months on it. Also, I notice the axolotls are either spitting out or not fully digesting the worm and i see half of it usually moldy floating around in the tank. Eek. Better give it a good rinse out tomrrow then, ay?
Anywho, see you in a couple days guys,
I'm a whole lotl axolotl


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choose the fish, thats right for you!

An Explanation:
Pic above: Gold type axo eating a GOLDFISH!!
So as some of my avid readers would of noticed. Its been a lot longer then "2 days' Since my most recent blog post. This is because life has been extremely hectic this past week. I'm talking Work, Volleyball practice, 3 assignments and now a damn School Play i have to be a part of. (I'm operating the spotlight, my acting doesn't see sunlight don't worry) This has made the first week of March very stressful so please bare with me. My next blog post probably wont be until "March 7th" so don't check back until then. (But after that Ive still got Tests + Study for the next 2 weeks,  so, yeah)
If you ever decide to get an axolotl. You should definitely shop around and find one thats right for you.
Many aquariums will only carry a few (if any) axolotls in there shop, especially if its the summer months. There is the occasional store where they will keep a dozen of the damn things in a single tang. This squishes them all up together and is extremely stressful in axolotls. 
Make sure you check they don't have disease!
Axolotls that are kept in stressful living conditions (which is very common) do tend to develop some stress disease which is easily spotted. The disease will appear as white spots along the tails of the axolotl. See the picture below.

These axolotls tend to isolate themselves in the tank and stay behind the filter. So try and pick the ones that seem Big, healthy and most of all happy. Try and pick an active axolotl. IM glad i picked Aristotle he is 24/7 swimming around the tank unlike my other axolotl who moves half n inch every hour =/.
I picked a black and white axolotl. They are a good mix and they look really pretty in the tank together. Choosing corresponding colours is usally an important decision to most avid aquatic animal enthusiasts. 
Those big round puppy eyes
Sagge, my wild type axolotl was picked because when i first saw her in the tank. She was standing up on 2 feet smiling at me and blowing bubbles. Definitely go for an axolotl if you feel a connection or "Click" and they will find a place in your heart for good.
Now, If you take care of them right, You've got a soul mate for the next `10-15 years :D.

The Worms are still alive. theres still around 1 and a half dozen left in there. I've reduced my feeding patterns by feeding them 1 each. And then every other day i take a worm and cut him in half and feed them each that. The summer month has just finished in Australia but man its  still hot. Oh and everyone get there timers on! at the end of this month  a new Axolotl will be joining Sagee and Aristotle. No, theyre not breeding. But i decided a new one would really spice up the tank and im waiting untill we're well out of summer. (Oh and i got some cool pics of ari munching on a worm to show you guys)

Thanks then,
Im a whole lotl axolotl