Pictures of various axolotls

Pictures of axolotls

Pictures of axolotls

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drum roll please.

I'm very pleased to announce that 1 week ago, i purchased a new (Gold) type axolotl.

I am even more thrilled to say, I am holding a Competition.
"Name That Axolotl"
Just leave a comment beneath this post of your suggestion of what the new Mexican Walking Fish should be called.

I Would like to thank everyone for there kind words to the death of Aristotle. I have decided to keep the URL of the blog the same.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

R.I.P Aristotle

Hey guys, no info this week
Sorry for not having a blog post for a week or 2, I've been away at a family thing in Melbourne so i havn't had access to a computer in order to wright this blog.

I Left my fish in the trusting hands of my older brother. A couple days prior to my leaving Aristotle wouldn't eat, at all. He was swimming around but mostly floated at the top of the tank.
I'm back home now and my brother broke me the news. Poor aristotles dead.
But this blog isn't. I will probably grab another fish from the store to keep Sagee company while i sort some things out.
I might rename this blog, or i might just call the new fish Aristotle to save me the woes.

Sorry guys, i feel i've let you guys down as well as my self.