Pictures of various axolotls

Pictures of axolotls

Pictures of axolotls

Monday, August 1, 2011

A sad explination.

Some of you might have been wondering where i've gone these past few months. I'd like to start off where i left off and say the winner of the name my new axolotl competition. The name i chose was "Pluto" who taught aristotle many years ago.

However, in the month of april, Sagee, my wild type axolotl died a peaceful death. With fears that it was somthing to do with my tank, i gave pluto away to a friend who i knew is good with aquariums, however i have not asked on how Pluto is doing, because i fear the worst.

That was my main reason to stop blogging, the second was,
I was removed from the google adsense program. I don't know why but i can assure my followers that the "Invalid clicks" reason they gave me was false. This shouldnt of discouraged me from blogging, because i wasn't really doing it for the money, i was doing it to inform others about these cute little creatures, so with 550 followers, i will continue blogging even if i am not reinstated into adsense.

In the month of august i plan to clean out my tanks and start-a-fresh. Buying 2 new axolotls and i will continue to update my audience. My next blog post will be when i finally get around to emptying the tank water out and buying some fish for the biofilter.

Thanks for now & everyones pantients.